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Welcome to... this website. 

Formally "Mt. Majesty," Lone 'Coon Productions is the personal web site of supercomputer276. Here, you may browse the many things he has created to your heart's content, whether or not you actually want to. Also, we have a few things here created by other people that SC wanted to post here for one reason or another.

Updates whenever the webmaster wants. If you have any question, check out the About Lone 'Coon page or e-mail the webmaster.

Recent Updates

4-1-11 = 6:15 PM

No two jokes about it! A new chapter of NintenKingdom the Story, and the Written Works page now has a link to my latest fanfic held on Google Documents, Super Smash Bros. Online. Enjoy what's there, little as there is. (NOTE: SSBO may or may not update without a notification on this site.)

2-12-11 = 12:09 PM

 Congratulations to the Game Over series, which is six years old today! Along with the standard new chapter of NintenKingdom the Story, we also have a new chapter each for the locally stored versions of Game Over File 2: The Crystal Catastrophe and Game Over File 2.5: Invasion of the Toons. Also, a link to my new Twitter account, which will update whenever this site or one of my other accounts does something, has been added to the navbar and to the Links page.

2-1-11 = 5:38 PM

The sixth Game Over anniversary is coming up soon! In the meanwhile, a link to 'COON has been provided in the Webcomic Gallery, Chapter 41 of NintenKingdom the Story is now up, and there's another entry in Majesty's Musings.

1-16-11 = 11:05 AM

Enjoyed your holidays, everyone? Chapter 40 of NintenKingdom the Story is up and there's a new (and lengthy) entry over at Majesty's Musings.

12-23-10 = 8:08 PM

Santa Claws has arrived with a (comparative) load of new Written Works! Chapter 39 of NintenKingdom the Story is up, celebrations are abound at Another Game Over Christmas, and all three entries of the oft-promised Lucy Trilogy are available as well! Happy holidays, everyone!

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